“What is the impact of human trafficking in the United States?”


You must use APA format.       • The paper should be 5-7 numbered pages, not including the cover page or reference sheet.       • It must be in 12pt Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Do not put needless spaces to make your paper appear longer (eg, 5-line headings).       • The plagiarism software “Turnitin” will be used, and there will be no make-up or extension. You may not use a prior paper for this course.        This is a research PROPOSAL, not an essay. There needs to be a clear research question and hypothesis presented.  The following sections are REQUIRED:  1. Introduction & Literature Review – 12.5 points  2. Discussion of potential data sources – 7.5 points  3. Data collection and sampling plan – 10 points  4. Data analysis plan – 7.5 points  5. Discussion of the policy implications of this research – 10 points  6. Reference Page: Must be properly cited in APA format. A minimum of seven (7) sources are required. Only appropriate sources are permitted (e.g., academic journals, books). – 2.5 points        I need this Paper rewritten. The other writer on this site fucked it up.       I sent a draft to my professor and this was her reply.      This is done pretty well so far. I’m glad you sent it to me early since you’re missing a bit of the purpose of the assignment. While you do have all the components necessary, they are written from a perspective of research that has already been done. You’ve successfully reviewed how your sources came to their own conclusions—but the assignment is to create your OWN proposal based on the literature you’ve reviewed.  Please add your own research question to be answered (and hypothesis) and then revise the data sections to reflect how YOU would answer your OWN question.  So i would like this to be Rewritten to my specific Research proposal question and Hypothesis. Please follow the sections and the assignment is a RESEARCH PROPOSAL. So if it is possible to rewrite this it would be appreciated.

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“What is the impact of human trafficking in the United States?”
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