Western Civilization: Examination of a Work of Literature, Flexible Subject


This written examination must be on one significant work of literature listed in the attached file (at least 70 options are available, this choice is very flexible).  The goal of this paper is to place the work of literature within its historical context, understand its meaning within that context, and consider its importance to Western history. The paper should be divided into three sections:  1. Context: This section should offer historical background on the book. For example, when and why was it written? Who is the author, and what were their concerns, agendas, and goals? What was going on at the time that might help a reader understand it better? 2. Content: This section will give a brief overview of the content of the book. Its message and meaning should be summarized, with attention to the historical connections made in the previous section on context. 3. Importance: The conclusion of the paper will examine the significance of the work of literature to subsequent history. It should detail the outcomes that resulted from its composition, and consider its broader importance to Western history. You do not need to intimately know the work, but understand the content, concepts, and themes. The paper must be 12-point font, double spaced, must total at least four full pages of text not including footnotes, the cover page and other introductory matter, or the bibliography page. The essay must follow an academically accepted APA referencing style and contain at least four cited sources (not including the work being examined). Citations of the selected work and the four or more other sources must be made in the body of the paper. The in-text-citations must be formatted properly, including the author’s last name and the page number of the reference.  This is a historical research paper, and as such the selected sources must meet the following criteria: (1) They must be academic works written by historians, literary analysts, or other scholars in a field relevant to the paper’s purpose. (2) At least three sources must be books or articles from peer-reviewed academic journals. (3) Internet sources must conform to the academic standards mentioned above. Online encyclopedias are not considered viable sources. Excessive use of internet sources or us of any sources which do not conform to academic standards will not be accepted.

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Western Civilization: Examination of a Work of Literature, Flexible Subject
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