The influence of the US government on happiness and what can be done to increase it


Craft a 1000 word draft of additional body paragraphs that are polished (that is, thoughtfully revises and edited). Before submission, carefully review your body paragraphs to make sure it satisfies the following learning goals: 1. Clear, engaging research questions centered as title. 2. A clear thoughtful 2 to 3 sentence answer to your research question. Use this as your first paragraph. 3. multiple body paragraphs aim for 3 to 4 -Guided by thoughtful an interesting topic sentences that identify a main point to your 2 to 3 sentence answer -Include specific and descriptive details when explaining your main points -Use examples from the reading in the form of paraphrase and quotes (use the essential quote sandwiches you developed and week 13) -analyze each source and explain how each connects to your main points and research question -follow an organizational strategy 4. Apply each source to your question and topic. Use each source in a new situation rather than simply telling the reader what it’s about. 5. In-text citations with works cited page (1000 word requirement does not include works cited) 6. MLA format 7. Use 3-4 transition words/phrases in body paragraphs to show relationships between ideas, sentences, and paragraphs. 8. Develop 3-4 “signposts” for your answer and use throughout your body paragraphs.

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The influence of the US government on happiness and what can be done to increase it
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