The Harlem Renaissance


1.) Choose a subject relevant to the parameters of the course. 2.) Develop a research question that interests you about your subject. Note: A “WHY?” question is often the best type of question for this kind of paper, because your answer will most likely be your THESIS.  3.) Gather academic sources from SAC Library databases (examples: 2 books from a reputable publisher; 1 book from a reputable publisher and 1 peer-reviewed article; or 2 peer-reviewed articles).   4.) Develop a THESIS statement.  Note: A thesis is an argument. A thesis statement is an argument summed up into one or two sentences somewhere towards the beginning of an essay. It serves to tell the reader what will follow from the introduction. In other words, it serves as a “signpost” signaling to the reader the main point and argument of the essay.  5.) Write your essay. It should be in the classic intro/thesis, body, conclusion format. Use internal citations (just like Essay 1), but you will include a bibliography/work cited page in MLA format at the end of the essay (this is a list of all your sources used for the essay).     **To earn an A on the paper you should make a historical argument with a clear thesis statement in the introduction. You should use the body paragraphs to “prove” or “support” the thesis. Finally, you will need to show analytical and critical thinking skills, tracing historical change over time through the lens of the economic, cultural, social, and political dynamics of the period. Within the argument, you should offer a judgment without presentism (e.g. don’t judge the past by modern standards). In other words, try to place yourself in the shoes of the historical actors at the time of their decision making. You should provide an answer to the following: What can we learn from the subject so that we make more informed decisions in the future? The essay should be 4 pages, double spaced in text-size 12, preferably Times New Roman. MLA format. Internal citation with bibliography at the end.   please use 2 pre reviewed articals with the work sighted at the end of the paper

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The Harlem Renaissance
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