The court case Marbury v Madison caused change in US Government


Research Paper points Your paper needs to be in calibri or times new roman size 11-12 Your footnotes need to be in the SAME FONT—but size 10 8 FULL PAGES ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM Your paper is double spaced Don’t put anything at the top other than your name (and even that is unnecessary) Make sure your paragraphs are indented Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure counts this time—look at my notes from your expanded think piece I will look at drafts until the end of next week YOU ARE MAKING ONLY ONE ARGUMENT NOT MULTIPLE Make sure your sources are scholarly This means it has to be written by someone who has a terminal degree (PHD, JD) in a research-intensive discipline like History, Sociology, Economics, Law Regardless of how certain you are of your sources the best thing to do is check them with me Encyclopedias ARE NOT scholarly sources—DO NOT USE THEM AVOID WEBSITES— channel NO Make sure the author of whatever article/book you are using meets the requirements above JSTOR is a good source for scholarly articles Make sure it is NOT A BOOK REVIEW Download the pdf and send it to me just to be sure Make sure you use footnotes—see the video I posted on our course page NO PARENTHETICALS NO WORKS CITED JUST FOOTNOTES You should have a minimum of 12ish footnotes and a max of 30ish footnotes I would recommend you send me a page of yours that has 2-3 footnotes on it so I can check that you are doing it correctly Make sure you are making an argument and not giving me a summary DO NOT BE TOO BROAD Formulate a research question—How or why question Example of Broad: Letters of the alphabet Example of getting narrower: Vowels Example of a good research question: Why is the letter Y sometimes a vowel? CHECK YOUR TOPIC WITH ME The argument is the subject/focus of your paper See the research paper outline online DO NOT DO A COMPARE AND CONTRAST PAPER DON’T COMPARE TO THE FUTURE/PRESENT This is an evidence based paper—avoid conjecture and hypotheticals Don’t give imaginary or made up situations, don’t base your paper on what if scenarios or what could have happened—base on what DID happen and why it matters Make sure you are staying within our course time frame THIS course goes from ~1600-1865—DO NOT GO BEYOND MAKE SURE IT IS AN AMERICAN HISTORY That means that your Argument needs to be situated within these years The articles/books you use can obviously be from outside this time frame Make sure you are arguing about something within this time frame DO NOT THROW FORWARD TO THE PRESENT Avoid presentism Do NOT TALK ABOUT THE PRESENT AT ALL

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The court case Marbury v Madison caused change in US Government
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