Speech Analysis


For this assignment, you will analyze a speech from a public figure. First, make sure to read Chapter 9: Public Communication and Chapter 10: Preparing & Presenting Public Speeches. Second, select one speech from this online speech bank American Rhetoric   (链接到外部网站。) (http://www.americanrhetoric.com/top100speechesall.html)  Third, consider the following specific sections from the text: context & rhetorical situation (Chapter 9, p. 240-241), the audience-speaker relationship (Chapter 9, p. 241-250) and  audience adaptation (Chapter 10, p. 264-265, 6th edition). Fourth, provide an analysis of the speech you viewed and discuss what was effective and ineffective (if anything) in the speech. Why are certain elements effective/ineffective? As part of your analysis, please specifically identify & discuss the following 4 elements: the audience(s), the occasion (i.e. why is this speech taking place? what’s significant about the time/date of delivery?), the speaker (i.e. who is giving the speech? why is this significant in light of the occasion & audience?) and the speech (i.e. what lines stand out to you? to the audience? why? what’s the significance of specific lines/words/references?). This paper should be 2 pages, proof-read/edited, and double-spaced.

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Speech Analysis
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