Slave Narratives


In an 8-10-page paper (approximately 2000-2500 words), write an essay on the following topic. The essay should be carefully detailed and contain a logically structured argument that relies on close analysis of the texts being discussed   Use the texts as your primary points of reference; do not support your arguments with references to reader response.   For this essay, a minimum of three primary texts and three secondary sources must be used. All quotations must be parenthetically cited in MLA documentation style, and a Work(s) Cited section must be provided. The essay should contain a minimum of three quotations, and no quotation should exceed ten words in length.   Please underline your thesis statement on the essay you turn in and indicate the word count.   TOPIC:   As we saw in virtually all of the texts studied in the course, acts of resistance by African Americans took place individually and collectively throughout the history of slavery.  What part did gender play in these acts of resistance?  Be very specific and not general in your response.   Primary Texts:   Brown Williams W., & Sanborn, Geoffrey. Clotel. Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2016 (reprint edition). Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1st edition). Garden City, NY: Dover Publications, 2016. Douglass, Frederick. The Heroic Slave: A Thrilling Narrative of the Adventures of Madison Washington. A Frederick Douglass Book, 2012. Secondary Sources:   *PLEASE USE 3 SCHOLARLY SECONDARY SOURCES IN ADDITION TO THE PRIMARY TEXTS ABOVE.

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Slave Narratives
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Slave narrative or Slave genre essay instructions Sources (1) The unguarded expressions of the feelings of the negroes- gender slave resistance and William Wells Browns Revisions of Clotel

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