Mutual-Help Groups: A Strengths Perspective


Alchohol Anonymous (AA) is viewed by some as a “narrative  and reflective community”. It has been hailed as best practice and supported by the government.  Yet, it has also been critiqued for poor success rates and its promotion of God and religious views.    For this week’s DB, read the original 12 Steps:  (Links to an external site.)   And watch this personal story of how AA saved this person’s life: Recovery in everyday Life || AA Saved My Life || 90 Meetings 90 Days!!  (Links to an external site.) Minimize Video   And watch this important critique of AA: Ideas Out Loud: The False Gospel of Alcoholics Anonymous / New York Ideas 2015  (Links to an external site.) Minimize Video   And then please use the eText and materials from this week’s field trip to compose a 300-word top-level post in ESSAY format that responds to these questions: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of 12-Step mutual support groups. Have these groups been successful in helping addicted individuals recover and how? Is the language of the original 12 steps “strength-based”? How could 12-Step mutual support groups be improved? What’s you’re overall analysis of the effectiveness of 12-Step mutual support groups?

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Mutual-Help Groups: A Strengths Perspective
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