Individual Synopsis and Evaluation


I. Title Page – 1 page II. Introduction: ½ page Introduce what you will be discussion in your paper. III. Main Body of Paper: 1- 2 pages You must include the following: ·         A brief description of what your role was in the Group Project. o   What did you research? o   Lessons you learned from your research. ·         One thing you learned working with your group through this Group Project assignment about Leadership as Service. ·         One thing from your working with your group on this Group Project you can apply to your leadership practice now. ·         One thing you can apply to your leadership practice in the future from what you have learned from working with your group on this Group Project. IV. Conclusion: ½ page o   Summary of what you wrote about in your paper. V. References: 1 page Ø  You must include at least 6 Citations from a minimum of 3 different sources used in LDRS 300 for this paper. o   You are expected to use the following sources we have used in LDRS 300 class as references. §  The three textbooks used in this LDRS 300 classes. §  Lectures from LDRS 300. §  Assigned Readings in Moodle for LDRS 300. §  The Bible o   Outside academic sources may be used to support your writing, however blogs, social media outlets, Wikipedia, Buzzfeed, Dictionaries, etc. are NOT acceptable sources for references. FORMAT: Using APA Style (6th Edition) for paper formatting and references, pay attention to the following: Ø  12pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, 2.54 cm margins Ø  Include page numbers. (Checkout APA 6th ed. Quick Guide & APA Paper Template Resources in Moodle for help with APA)

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Individual Synopsis and Evaluation
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