Examine mental health challenges of refugees and immigrants, and access to healthcare and utilization


Examine mental health challenges of refugees and immigrants, and access to healthcare and utilization USE REQUIRED SOURCES BELOW  1) Abuelezam N. & Fontenot HB (2017). Depression among Arab American and Arab Immigrant women in the United States. Nwhjournal.org 2) Eboni et al (2014) Physical and Mental Health Status of Iraqi Refugees Resettled in the United States. J Immigrant Minority Health, 16:1130-1137 3) Hacker et al. (2015). Barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants: a literature review. Risk Management & Healthcare Policy, 8:175-183 4) Bianchi et al. (2019). Are the Undocumented deserving? Health workers’ views of immigrants in Alabama. Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved, 30(2): 820-840 5) Fazel M, Reed RV, et al. (2012). Mental health of displaced and refugee children resettled in high-income countries: risk and protective factors. Lancet,379: 266-282 6) Coffey, C.J. et al. (2010). The meaning and mental consequences of long-term immigration detention for people seeking asylum. Soc Sci Med, 70(12): 2070-2079 7) Ellis BH, Lincoln A, MacDonald HZ, Klunk-Gillis et al. (2010). Discrimination and Mental Health Among Somali Refugee Adolescents: The Role of Acculturation and Gender. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 80(4): 564-575 8) Rogers‐Sirin L., & Gupta T. (2012). Cultural Identity and Mental Health: Differing Trajectories Among Asian and Latino Youth. J Couns Psychol, 59: 555-566 9) Viladrich A. (2012). Beyond welfare reform: reframing undocumented immigrants’ entitlement to health care in the United States, a critical review. Soc Sci Med, 74(6):822‐9. PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OF ASSIGNMENT. IN FOUR FULL PAGES PLEASE EXAMINE MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES OF REFUGEES AND IMMIGRANTS, AND ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE AND UTILIZATION. USE SOURCES PROVIDED TO WRITE ESSAY AND EXAMINE WHAT IS ASKED OF YOU TO EXAMINE. EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD BE WRITING ABOUT COMES FROM THE SOURCES. FROM THE SOURCES YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO EXAMINE MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGSS AND ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE FOR IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES. WRITE ABOUT THIS EXAMINATION AND ANALYZE IT. STATE HOW IT AFFECTS THESE IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES IN THE ESSAY AND CITE SOURCES. IF YOU CAN NOT ACCESS OR FIND REQUIRED SOURCES PLEASE MESSAGE ME DO NOT JUST IGNORE IT.

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Examine mental health challenges of refugees and immigrants, and access to healthcare and utilization
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