Domains of Inclusion: Learning Disabilities


This assignment requires considering how you could promote inclusion in a particular domain. Domains of inclusion include schooling/education, research, and community (which could include transitions to work and independent living—topics we’ll address in this course). Your task would be to make a focused argument for how we could promote inclusion in the chosen domain. For example, if you were interested in inclusion in the schooling context, you might explore the way technology could be used to create a more inclusive classroom. Now, it’s important to try to be specific and focused in your aims, so rather than address technology in general, you could organize your argument around the use of a specific form (or related forms) of technology in the classroom (e.g., iPads) and how it can promote inclusion for children and/or youth with disabilities. Part of your argument should entail considering a limitation of and/or possible objection to your position (e.g., Is there an issue that makes the use of that form of technology in the classroom problematic or impractical in some way? How might you respond to that objection or concern?)Your term paper should be 8-10 pages in length, not including the title or references page. The paper should incorporate 5 scholarly sources (no date restrictions, and these could include course readings).

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Domains of Inclusion: Learning Disabilities
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