Does education attainment determine financial success


That is an example of similar papers – Paper 5.docx he final paper should follow these guidelines: The length of the paper is 10-12 pages (12 pages minimum), including title page, references, and figures, but excluding appendixes. The format of the page should be 1.5 spacing, font size 12 Times New Roman. The margins should be Right:1.25”, Left:1.25”, Top:1” and Bottom:1” Format Standard: you can use any style: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. The library has a great guide for citation styles at to an external site. Note: once you select a style, please stay with it. Structure of the paper: 1. Title page: On the title page you should include the title of the report, your name and the section of this class. 2. Introduction: you should explain the purpose of your paper to motivate the reader about the importance of the issue at hand. 3. Framework or Review of Literature: if your paper is academic, you should have a short review of literature, citing previous researchers’ work on this topic. If your empirical paper is more business-oriented, you should explain the framework for your business or industry and how this empirical research could help in the decision-making process. 4. Data: explain the source of your data. You can also show a couple of graphs, some general descriptive statistics, etc. The idea is to give the reader a good idea of how your data looks like. Please, do not list your data set. 5. Empirical model: explain the regression equation you are going to use and the methodology to follow. You should make sure to include all the variables that are necessary and to support the inclusion of some variables in your equation. 6. Results: run the regression, show the results, perform all the diagnostic tests, and then, interpret the results. 7. Conclusions: short conclusion with the main results of your empirical work. 8. References: list all the other works that you used as references in your paper. 9. Appendixes: if needed

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Does education attainment determine financial success
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