Cypress-Fairbanks ISD: Final Budget Report


Project Description You will develop a district budget that provides appropriate funding for an effective student learning environment. The report will outline and describe the process of analyzing, understanding, and using the district’s student performance and demographic data to focus the budget in such a way as to demonstrate your understanding of equitable, efficient, and effective utilization of resources to create the most advantageous school learning environment for all students. You can take a look at the report at the link below for an example of a previously-submitted report if it is helpful:  McNabb EDAD 6374 Final Budget Project Sample.docx Actions Directions You will describe the process and identify the steps involved in developing, articulating, and implementing a school district budget. Report Essentials: Briefly describe your district including, for example, state test results, District Improvement Plan, and Campus Improvement Plans, which you will use to develop a budget that: determines and meets the needs of each campus, distributes staff in an equitable manner, and considers tutors for students at risk (for any reason), and determines the number of “specials” (PE art, etc.) needed. Describe the Budget Process: Describe the elements and/features typically found in the ideal budget process from the campus levels up to and including the district level. Describe the Individual Components of an ideal budget that will: provide a comprehensive forecast of all expenditures and revenues of the district; establish a basis for the district’s specific educational needs and plans; serve as an overall picture of the district’s operational vision and mission; depict the educational plans of the district with a definite statement of goals, policies and curriculum plans; establish spending plans that include a translation of the educational plans into dollar amounts; present financing plans that include proposed means and sources for securing adequate revenue to meet school program needs. Describe and Identify specific strategies and processes that would be used in the development and support of the budget [that reflects what you have learned] to ensure an equitable and adequate allocation of resources to ensure student success. Write and submit a 5-6 written (narrative) report describing the strategies and continuous collaborative processes you would utilize in the development of a comprehensive school district budget. Submit to Canvas and TK20. Make sure to submit on time. Your district plan must contain the following required standards: Strategies for effectively utilizing operational practices to prioritize strategic and tactical district challenges, to implement and manage long-range goals, and to create and sustain strategic alignment throughout the district. (ELCC 3.1) Strategies for managing human capital, district operations, and facilities; ability to analyze a district financial status and develop and project the long-range resource and facility needs in a district; ability to use technology to more efficiently manage a district. (ELCC 3.2) Strategies for achieving coordinated communication, both internally and externally, regarding safety issues and crisis management; improve and implement district policies and procedures for safe school and work environments in a district which encompass crisis planning and management and a district-wide discipline management plan. (ELCC 3.3) Strategies to identify leadership capabilities of staff at all levels in a district, and to collaboratively include district- and campus-level personnel in decision-making processes. Plans to advocate for high-quality teaching and learning by developing district-level policies that protect instructional time and schedules and efficiently and effectively utilize high-quality instructional time. (ELCC 3.5) (district-improvement plan) (use 20-21 data) (district demographics)

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Cypress-Fairbanks ISD: Final Budget Report
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