Cultural Analysis of Friends TV Show


Write a 5-7 page critical analysis of the text that utilizes of the My choice: Cultural Analysis of Friends TV Show (Thanksgiving Episode) Introduction Introduce the TV show: Friends Started in September of 1994. The show focuses on the communication between 6 characters: 3 male and 3 female friends, 10 seasons for whole ten years, IT is an example of how gender stereotypes (3 male and 3 female lifestyle) are represented in media.  Thesis statements and explain what I am going to write about Cultural analysis and the show. Body Paragraphs Define the cultural theory, Explain the qualities used to define the cultural theory and effect of the culture on the community and people.  In between your cultural theory introduction paragraph, have a paragraph that discusses the current definition or beliefs about friendship/family etc. – you may need to cite sources here so that when you do your analysis you can compare or contrast against what is currently believed about friendship. Take about the show and the lifestyle of the 6 characters (close friend relationship) and how they are What other symbols might represent family? It might be colors, items, language, space, or places. Etc. How do those connotations direct us to a reading about friendship vs family acting in the community. Ie. Can friends be family?? The holidays in general and provide specific examples of American Holiday is Thanksgiving dinner and talk about examples from scenes that reflect the cultural by enjoying the dinner, food, and norms of that dinner. Cultural implication section: Connect to how the messages (ideologies) around friendship, family etc. teach us something either reinforcing or challenging beliefs that we have about those areas in our lives. How does this show impact who we have friends with and who is missing in the show?? How do these relationships help us to have better or worse relationships in our own lives?   Conclusion Restate the thesis and a brief definition of the theory. Rewrite the connection points of theory and the show. How the show impacts our idea of family and conclude the message of the show.

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Cultural Analysis of Friends TV Show
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