Crises related to Military Service


Topic: Crises related to Military Service This class is Crises Intervention                                             Powerpoint   Must provide a title slide (not counted toward slide requirement/no audio required)  ·      Name ·      Chapter # & Title  ·      Specific Topic  ·      Course #   ·      Professor’s Name   Your powerpoint must provide all of the following in the order below:   1.     Fictional scenario and client  (example provided/1 slide maximum) o   Some examples. Survivor of a Natural Disaster, Survivor of a Man Made disaster, Survivor of a Sexual Assault              2.     Your thorough understanding of the topic chosen.    3      Your thorough understanding of your role as a crisis worker when working with this client. You should include the effect(s)  on your client due to the crisis    4      Your understanding and incorporation of the ABC Model (covered in the textbook ) working with the client These slides should provide all of the following:  §  What is the purpose of the ABC Model? §  Provide a brief overview for each stage   §  Provide specific examples you would use with your client o   Eg. Chapter 9 explores victims of rape.  ·       What specific open ended questions would you use with this client while you are trying to develop and maintain rapport? (Stage A) ·      How would you attempt to identify the problem with your client? (Stage B) ·      How would you encourage the client to develop new coping behaviors? (Stage C)   Slide expectations ·      6  slide minimum/12 slide maximum PLEASE NOTE: I will not listen/grade to any slides beyond the maximum requirement. (Do 8 slides) ·      Each slide should be titled accordingly.    o   Title page    o   Fictional Scenario and client o   Role as a Crisis Worker working with your client o   The three stages of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.  §  *Minimum of one slide per stage. Each slide should provide the title of the stage as seen below:  ·              Stage A: Developing and Maintaining Rapport: Follow the client ·              Stage B: Identifying the Problem: Follow the Model ·              Stage C: Coping   ·      Each slide should provide bullets only  Minimum 5 bullets Maximum 7 bullets  PLEASE NOTE: Do not provide brief summaries/paragraphs in the slides    ·      Conclusion slide: You can be creative with this slide (eg. pictures)

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Crises related to Military Service
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