Criminological Theory


Criminological Theory   Overview Recently, a new tax on gun and ammunition sales was approved in the city of Tacoma. While its implementation was delayed because of COVID-19, the tax should go into effect next year. When it is implemented, the tax will generate money to fund youth crime prevention efforts1. The Mayor’s office is seeking research assistance to determine how the money should be spent to better address youth crime in the city. Your job is to write a memo to the Mayor’s office outlining an initiative that is based on one or two of the theories in this course. Tell her office all that you can about this theory (or theories) and explain for her two specific policy changes that ought to be made that align with this theory (or theories). Describe these policy changes in detail and show how they are connected to the theory (or theories) that you chose to base your initiative on. If you choose to talk about two theories, please be sure to discuss how these perspectives –and the policy changes that they inspire—compare and contrast with one another. In your memo to the Mayor, please make the case to her office that this initiative will result in a response to youth crime that is more effective and more just (whatever ‘effective’ and ‘just’ may mean to you) Example of theories of crime you can use in your paper ( Labeling theory, Self-Control, Classic Strain, Differential Association, Code of the Street, General Strain, Social Disorganization, Defiance Theory)   FORMATTING AND CITATION REQUIREMENTS: I) Length: Final papers should be 6-8 pages in length (NOT including the works cited page). II) Formatting: Papers must be double-spaced, with 1” margins with 12-point Times New Roman font. III) Citations: Final essays must discuss/cite AT LEAST TWO of the readings assigned in the course. You may also discuss/cite other scholarly writings related to the theory that you chose. ALL direct quotes must be cited. ALL ideas, assertions, conclusions, etc. that are not your own must be cited. Please use the American Psychological Association (APA) citation format. IV) Works Cited: Include a works cited page with a complete list of all cited and referenced readings. I expect you to provide full citations in APA style in your final bibliography. This term paper will be subject to plagiarism detection software

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Criminological Theory
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