Contextual Analysis, First Submission


Instructions: This week you will turn in the First Submission of your Contextual Analysis. This paper should reflect continued progress and research on your topic since submitting the Week 3 Topic Proposal and Bibliography. It should also incorporate any necessary changes stated in the instructor’s feedback from Week 3. Also verify that all of your bibliographic sources were approved by the instructor. The required length of the First Submission of your Contextual Analysis is 6-8 pages and should be formatted with an Introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs dedicated to your points of analysis, and a conclusion paragraph the summarizes your main points of research and essential argument. Your thesis statement should clearly state the main idea of your paper. The paper should also be written in correct Chicago Manual of Style with footnote citations and a Bibliography page.  To further support the writing process of your First Submission, review the Week 3 Contextual Analysis Presentation, the Week 3 Assignment Instructions, and the Reminders posted below:  Reminders: Your paper should analyzes the form, content, and context of the work of art selected. Questions to guide your research from Week 3: What was the purpose of the artwork? How does the artwork reflect the historical era in which it was produced? What roles do patrons, artists, audience, and critics play in the creation of the work? How was the work received? Is there any written evidence of contemporary reactions to the work of art? How is the artwork discussed or debated today? Think about the scholarly articles you have selected: how do scholars interpret the work and what types of arguments do they make? Requirements: Citation style: The paper must be written in correct Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). See the Liberal Arts Writing Guide for help. All ideas/concepts and specific quotes must include citations. Note: this includes not only the specific assigned readings but also ideas/concepts and specific quotes that originate in the assigned textbook, lectures/presentations, and/or other outside resources. Essay style: paper must be written in complete Standard English sentences. Length: approximately 6 to 8 pages of text. Bibliography Page with the required 6 sources (minimum) The purpose of this assignment is to enrich the understanding of art methodologies, build critical thinking skills, analyze scholarly material, and learn about specific art historical movements, artists and their works from the period of Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. This was the critique I got previously. Be sure to choose a specific artwork (that you include an image of) that you are conducting a contextual analysis on, ideally from the Renaissance to Post Impressionism periods. What you have now is more a research paper on the topic of Chinese ink bamboo paintings, without a specific artwork. Place your sources in alphabetical order in your bibliography. Missing an explanation of why the sources you have selected are useful and how they will guide your Contextual Analysis. You can skip a title page, just add your name and class info in the top corner on page 1. Begin adding your last name and page number on page 2, not page 1. Convert your pages file into a PDF for submission. I will attach the first essay to this and also the video link

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Contextual Analysis, First Submission
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