Close analysis of 2 films; Gojira 1954 & Tsotsi 2006


Choose two important scenes from each of the films. For each of the four scenes discuss the mise-en-scene and cinematography plus any motifs and themes that are present. Please note these points in writing any film essay. 1.  Always use the present tense in talking about a film — eg. “Pai asks Rawiri to show her the traditional use of the Taiaha (fighting stick)”  (not, “Pai asked…”) 2.  Use the first person in writing about your observations, ideas, thoughts — eg. “I believe that Deepa Mehta uses a limited color palette in the early part of the film.” 3.  You are writing the essay for me or someone like me – in other words, someone who has seen the film many times — do not spend any time re-telling the plot — just jump right into the scene you want to discuss.  Eg. “In the scene where Apu returns to his mother’s home for his first holiday…” 4.  Film titles should be placed in italics. 5.  Please double-space the text. ** Submit a copy online by the due date.  Late essays cannot be accepted

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Close analysis of 2 films; Gojira 1954 & Tsotsi 2006
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