Alcoholics Anonymous Reflection


Directions: Part 1 ·         Please review your understanding of group interventions (Ch 13) and the chapter on substance abuse (Ch 31). Textbook: Psychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice 6th Edition by Mary Ann Boyd ·         Go to the AA website: o   WEBSITE: ·         This website will take you to the AA home page where you can explore the kinds of resources AA makes available. ·         Videos ·         On the right, you will see a section for video resources.  Scroll down to find the following videos: PLEASE WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS o   “AA for Healthcare Professionals” o   “Alcoholics Anonymous” o   “Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous” o    “25 and Under” o   “Sobriety in AA” Part 2 After viewing the videos and resources on the AA website, please write a reflective paper addressing the following questions: 1.      Describe the type of group AA/NA is: (10 Points) a.        Summarize the goals.           b.      What are the requirements for membership?   2.      Members of AA work through 12 steps in their recovery. Identify six of the “Twelve Steps of AA.”   Reflect on the following (30 points) a.       What is the step? b.      What is the purpose of this step? c.       How does this step aid a person with alcohol dependence in their recovery?   3.      Addiction is referred to as a “family disease.”    a.       How does the addiction of one person affect other family members? b.      What role does a family play in helping the addicted individual recover?  What role might family play in hindering the recovery of the addicted family member?  (20 points).   4.      Would you recommend AA/NA to a client, friend or family member? Why or why not?  (10 pts).   5.      What are your own perceptions about alcohol/drug addiction?   Have any of those thoughts and feelings shifted after learning about addiction?  (10 pts).    6.  Pick two of Yalom’s Curative Factors. How does AA demonstrate the chosen curative factors? (10 pts.) PLEASE LOOK THE ATTACHMENT

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Alcoholics Anonymous Reflection
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