Access to Justice and Community Paralegals


View the Ted Talk on “Access to Justice and Community Paralegals” and answer the following questions: 1)What is access to justice? 2)How many people globally are denied access to justice? 3)What is the role of a grassroots attorney/community paralegal? 4)What happened in Gujarat India? What mechanisms did the community paralegal Ravi use to get access to the justice system? 5)How can you in the future increase access to justice? In what capacity or area of law? 6)What paralegals skills that you have learned about this semester would help a paralegal who is assisting a client in a case involving access to justice? Watch the video on Community Paralegals in Sierra Leone? 7)How are community paralegals used in Sierra Leone? 8) What type of alternative dispute resolutions skills are they using? 9) What were some of the barriers to access to justice in Sierra Leone? 10) What is Timap for Justice? – Video for assigment

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Access to Justice and Community Paralegals
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