Write an Outline for: A Family Therapy Group

Group Outline Assignment Mezzo Practice- Group and Family Practice Type of Group: 1. Type of group and name of group: Define and Describe Purpose of Group. Why did you choose this topic? 2. Assessment: Identify the problems/issues this group can address. Describe the characteristics of potential participants (members) that might benefit from this group. 3. Planning the group: Goals- Provide examples of appropriate goals for the group and meeting activities (how many sessions and topic for each session). Time: Should duration of group be open ended or closed? Why? What time will group happen and where will the group be held? Will you have snacks? What will be the format (chairs in a circle, facilitator at the head of room)? Length of meetings? 4. Implementation: Identify tasks needed to achieve your group goals. Full description of interventions or strategies, if applicable. What are the roles that the social worker (facilitator) may be used with this group and the task of the social worker (facilitator)? See page 44-46 in text book. (Do not explain all roles unless appropriate for your group). 5. Evaluation: How will you determine progress of your group? How will you evaluate each member, the group as a whole, how will you evaluate each session or meeting, how will you evaluate at termination. 6. Termination: How will you prepare for termination and how will you terminate group? Are there factors that will determine when termination will occur? If so, what are they? 7. Follow up: What is the follow up plan for your group? Purpose of follow up? When will the initial follow up take place? Method of follow up? Number of contacts? 8. Minimum of 5 APA style references must be listed in the outline.

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Write an Outline for: A Family Therapy Group
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