Post lab

You will be preparing a post-lab report for this topic.     (8 pts) Perform a chi-square analysis on the following data set.  Report all values from the analysis in table format in a word document. Your output should be similar to that done in your lab (p. 111).  Be sure to indicate if you would accept or reject your null hypothesis based on the results of your chi-square analysis.   Generation Red Yellow P1 generation 120 0 P2 generation 0 150 F1 generation 240 0 F2 generation 156 23   NOTE: Only use F2 values to calculate the chi-square (the other values are there to help you determine the expected ratio).   (2 pts) Using a computer, access  In the search bar type in: “recessively inherited traits”.  List 2 diseases that are inherited recessively and briefly describe the disorder.    *** Be sure to include the citation of the exact article, and not the database!***

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Post lab
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