Gamelan Music

The main source is the video. Watch the streaming video “Gamelan: Out of Asia (2007)” and discuss gamelan music in the culture of Southeast Asia. In you discussion, be sure to address the Javanese vs. Balinese styles, the purposes/uses of gamelan, and the “slendro” vs. “pelog” scale/tone types. You need to cite a minimum of one specific example from the assigned module reading and two from the below video ( 5:05 in the video it discusses…). . This assignment should be 550 words in length and your thoughts and opinions. The first few paragraphs should explain the history of the element of music, and its significance (instruments involved, when or why is it played, etc.). There should also be a section where the reader includes his or her thought of the music, comparing and analyzing it with modern or closely-related music.  ATTACHED IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW THE CONTENT AND FORMATTING SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

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Gamelan Music
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