Disney resort

This is a project about Walt Disney World Resort. The part of the project that you must rewrite is the part of Stakeholders (management / employees and suppliers / partners) and Growth Facilitators. In the Stakeholders part of the project, there is a part that says management / employees and suppliers / partners: – The part that says administration / employees should focus on comparing Disney vs us employee vs Seaworld and when you make the comparison you have to specify in terms of numbers and please it is essential that what you write is with you and specific. – The part that says suppliers / partners you should focus on vekoma-manufacturer. Please, always what you write is clear, explaining and giving examples with numbers. Then in the Stakeholders part that says analysis and takeaway, In the analysis part, you must choose one of the elements between management / employees and suppliers / partners, choose one of the two and add numbers comparing how the employee plays a bait part on stakeholders. In the takeaway part, you should explain how well aligned the stakeholders are and in this part you should focus on speaking in general, including all the stakeholders (management / employees, government, community, suppliers / holders and shareholders). In the growth facilitators part of the project, you will see that it says money, access, opportunities and capacity. The money part is already done and you should not change anything. For the opportunities part, you should focus on talking about the opportunity to expand the Walt Disney World resort business in India. What good opportunities could I have. Then you have to talk about the capabilities of Walt Disney world resort in terms of enablers of growth. In the access part, it refers to the part of the opportunity to expand to India. For the analysis and takeaway part, the analysis you have to do based on the information of the money part, You must analyze the numbers of the money part, if you explain if the analysis is positive or negative. In the takeaway the positive and negative parts in general of the enablers of growth. This is the link of the project where you should look everything: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1To8gh_AJRV9v-btuPEct4R4h0e36A7W5DJ4Q6KuC4jg/edit

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Disney resort
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