Canadian Pre-Confederation, critical assessment

choose 2 scholarly articles about the same topic in Canadian pre-confederation history by different authors and write an essay that critically evaluates these sources. Major topics to consider are: accessibility, sources used, research methods, explaining the theoretical orientations, thesis assessment, and the general strengths and weaknesses Essay 3 – Research Essay Instructions: In this 1000 > 1500-word research essay you will further practice your essay writing skills. In particular, you will have an opportunity to do some formal research, analyze and evaluate this research, and apply MLA or APA documentation style to your paper (we will not cover APA in ENGL 1000; however, you can use it if you can do so effectively and independently). It is helpful to consider such a paper (metaphorically) as an opportunity to add a “tool to your toolkit” for your future career goals. * It is important to consider the rubric in your planning and writing. Essay Main Requirements o Clear thesis which encompasses main area(s) covered and purpose in writing o Include an outline at the bottom of you paper (**submit one file)  follow Purdue University as a guide (choose alphanumeric or decimal) o A minimum of three credible sources of which 1 must be an academic journal (no more than 10% of your paper should be in the form of directly quoted material; you are encouraged to paraphrase) o Incorporate MLA/APA style to include a cover page (< APA) or first page (< MLA), page header, citations (in-text and full citations at end) and general formatting style (font, font size etc.) o Structured paragraphs containing a clear topic sentence and with “unity” & “coherence” o Clearly communicated information/ideas o Apply essay introduction and conclusion techniques o Pose 1 > 2 questions/comments regarding your topic (after you have researched and discussed your main points). What questions do you have or what more would you like to know about your topic? Recommended credible sources (for standard topics): 1. Academic journals via the databases 2. Textbooks/e-books with established publishers 3. Government websites (federal and provincial .gov) 4. Large organizations’ websites; non-profit and without a conflict of interest ( e.g., Mayo Clinic, Diabetes Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association, ERIC etc.

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Canadian Pre-Confederation, critical assessment
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