Resident Dynamics and How it Affects School Policies in Florida

This assignment entails the preparation of a 5- to 10-page paper that includes identifying the research topic or title; writing a thesis statement related to the topic (that is, stating what this topic is about, and this should include identifying the specific variables, and stating which is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable); stating clearly the research question(s); formulating the hypothesis(-es); and identifying the unit(s) of analysis related to the topic. You are also required to identify the sources of data for this research, method(s) of data collection, and method(s) of data analysis. You should provide justification for the methods of data collection and data analysis that you adopt and how that is relevant and appropriate for your specific research topic. You should explain possible or expected findings, and offer suggestions/policy recommendations to address the issues raised in your study. You must provide at least five (5) scholarly references. Please note that this entails literature review, meaning that you have a section or subheading in this mini-research paper for literature review. It requires not merely listing the references but including a review of the key points or insights from the literature items that tie in or give a better understanding of your research topic and the study that you would undertake were you to undertake a full research paper project. Scholarly references are journal articles, books, book chapters, newspaper/magazine feature articles, web-based scholarly materials, etc. Please note: no Wikipedia references or just merely googling information. You should use Google Scholar, Web of Science, JSTOR, EBSCO, and other databases to access scholarly, academic items which you can cite under literature review. Please refer to the relevant portion of Chapter 3 of the 9th edition of the course textbook for help on literature review.

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Resident Dynamics and How it Affects School Policies in Florida
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