Key Assignment Outline on PSI (Presentencing report)

There are two types of PSI report-offense based or short form and offenders based-long form PSI repost. Contents of an offenders based PSI will include some of following information, family history, prior record, and offenders statement.  EXAMPLE: (Please do not use the same layout, this is just an example of what I need it to look like) MY OUTLINE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT In this assignment I am making a rough draft of my assignment outline, it will entail some standard conditions and special conditions of probation as well as a Pre-sentence Report and a Formal Violation Repot. STANDARD CONDITIONS-  What are some standard conditions of probation and parole 1- when to report to probation 2- what time frame do you have in which to report 3- how and when must you report 4- where can you live while on probation 5- report any changes to your probation officer 6- who can you visit or not visit while on probation 7-weapons, can you or can’t you have weapons while on probation 8-consent to random drug and alcohol testing  ( UNITED STATES PROBATION AND PRETRIAL SERVICES, 2020, Eastern District of Tennessee, STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SUPERVISION). SPECIAL CONDITIONS 1- what are special conditions of probation 2-No Contact with who and why 3- Banishment why? 4- Mental Health Counseling why is it important on probation 5- Some GPS Monitoring who needs this and why. ( DEPARTMENT of Community SUPERVISION, 2020, Special Conditions of Supervision). FORMAL VIOLATION REPORT 1- What is included in a Formal Violation report? 2- Recommendations of modifications for violating probation 3-Offender Statement 4- Technical Violations 5- Recommendations PRE-sentencing REPORT 1- What is a pre-sentencing Report 2- what does a pre-sentencing Report include, Offense, Criminal Record, Family, Neighborhood environment, Education history, Employment history, Associates, Mental and Physcial Health, Alcohol or substance abuse, finances (MUSE, 2020, Pre-sentence Investigation Process). 3-why do you need a pre-sentencing report. REFERENCES DEPARTMENT of COMMUNITY SUPERVISION. (2020). Special Conditions of Supervision Retrieved from MUSE. (2020). The Pre-sentence Report, Pre-sentence Investigation Process. Retrieved from UNITED STATES PROBATION AND PRETRIAL SERVICES. (2020). Eastern District of Tennessee, STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SUPERVISION. Retrieved from NOTES This is just a rough draft of my outline on probation and parole as well as what a Pre-sentence Report will entail.

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Key Assignment Outline on PSI (Presentencing report)
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