How gamification affects the world

you are going to work more on using gamification to solve the problem that you identified in your Research Proposal. You no doubt have plenty of information so far, but we are going to build on that. What we need to do, is to identify a problem (which you’ve already done) and then discuss solutions that gamification can offer (you’ve started this, but you probably don’t have enough data to create a concrete system just yet) So, we’re going to work on gathering additional data and offering some gamified solutions that might help. We also need to consider whether these solutions are feasible (able to be done) or whether there are some impracticality issues that need to be considered. An example of a potential topic might be depression, which is discussed more in Chapter 4 on “Fun Failure and Better Odds of Success.” In this chapter, McGonigal goes into detail about why gamers can enjoy failure as long as there are built-in incentives to keep going and try again. In fact, she says that failing makes gamers “excited, interested, and most of all optimistic” (64). The optimism is key here and the absence of it is what leads to depression. McGonigal cites Randolph Nesse, who theorizes that depression is “an adaptive mechanism meant to prevent us from falling victim to blind optimism – and squandering resources on the wrong goals…And so when we have no clear way to make productive progress, our neurological systems default to a state of low energy and motivation” (70). This is a pretty interesting theory, and one that we could think about more carefully if we were planning on being a therapist. I think that at least there is a strong likelihood that many people feel that they are being pushed to their limits on goals that don’t feel achievable. The American Dream these days isn’t exactly easy to achieve. Notice also that this matches up with her earlier theory about extrinsic and intrinsic rewards! Focusing on extrinsic rewards in our society has lead many people that we have felt should be happy and successful to end their own lives. If we pursued this topic, we would want to find some practical ways that Nesse’s theory might help us create gamified systems or incentives to build confidence and help people achieve their goals. Additional research could take the form of anonymous surveys or interviews with therapists. Either way, you would want to gather data on what solutions might work best and how gamification might help.  topic should be related to your major and should discuss ways that gamification might offer solutions to a problem in your field. Discuss the problem that you are working on fixing in detail. Target a specific audience who you wish to present these solutions to. Provide a researched response and solutions to the problem you present. Consider issues of feasibility that may arise. M Major: Advertising paper should include ideas and information from Reality is Broken or one or more of the sources that McGonigal cites. Show that you are really thinking about the topic – these questions are as complex and multi-faceted. Be sure to adequately engage with them. Include at least five additional outside sources (on top of the 5 that you found for your last assignment!). These can be from an internet, book, or database source of your choosing. Write so that someone not in our class could understand it. Assume your audience has not read our class texts and does not necessarily know about gamification or the context in which you are speaking about it. (e.g. give adequate description of gamification and explain why you want to use it) Use MLA citation formatting to cite information, putting directly quoted information in “quotes” and using parenthetical end citation (author page#). Include an Annotated Bibliography that cites and annotates the 5 additional articles that you are to gather for this essay. This should include proper citation of sources in MLA Works Cited Citation, a description of the research, consideration of source reliability, and relevance to your research. Write between 6 and 7 complete pages of essay, typed, 12-point font, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1” margins, no extra space between paragraphs. (Not 5 pages and a few lines, or 5 ½ pages – 6-7 full pages – and your Annotated Bibliography doesn’t count as a page).

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How gamification affects the world
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