Ethnicity and Nationalism

Please read the textbook pages I have provided and write an essay about your own thoughts and reflections on the readings . Don’t repeat info given to you from the book too much , try to incorporate more of your own thoughts and opinions Professors instructions : All lecture thoughts should have a HEADER explaining exactly what you’ll be writing about. Start with a complete sentence, and then discuss the topic, wrapping it up in the end with at least one sentence about how it all relates back to anthropology Lecture thoughts are to be 700 words, with the word count noted on the top right of the page. In order to receive maximum credit, posts should: Start with a header and a complete sentence, letting me know which specific topic you’re going to comment about. Provide thoughtful statements or commentaries on the topic (consider bringing in outside information, research, or sources to supplement the post!) Not repeat directly what’s in the textbook or the lectures. Poor quality posts usually: Lack substance, original ideas, thoughtful commentary, or are judgmental/rude Are too short and suffer from poor grammar Are posted late Tone and courtesy in writing Lecture Thoughts and Discussion Board posts: The “tone” is a very important part of electronic communication. When you read your message out loud, does it sound the way you would speak to me or another student in the classroom? Humor can be difficult to convey in text, so make sure it’s obvious when you are trying to be funny. It is easy for messages to be misinterpreted since there are no physical gestures or voice inflections that accompany the text. Think through and re-read your comments before you post them. Refrain from inappropriate language, expletives, and derogatory or personal attacks. Make a personal commitment to learning about, understanding, and supporting your peers. Assume the best of others in the class and expect the best from them. Disagree with ideas, but avoid challenges that may be interpreted as a personal attack. Be open to be challenged or confronted on your ideas or prejudices. Challenge others with the intent of facilitating growth. Do not demean, harass or emba

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Ethnicity and Nationalism
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