August wilson fenches book

Reading Assignment: By Thursday evening please read all of Act One of Fences, including Scenes One through Four, pp. 1 – 58. -Scene 1: pp. 1 – 20, Scene 2: pp. 21 – 8, Scene 3: pp. 29 – 40, Scene 4: pp. 41 – 58  Writing Assignment #8 (due Friday, 10/30, at 9am in your shared English 101 Google Doc): Please respond to the reading comprehension questions for Scene 1 and 2 (Part 1 of Assignment #8) AND write a 200+ word reflection on Scene 3 and 4 of Fences (Part 2 of Assignment #8). For the reflection prompt, consider any of the following questions as you write a well-developed and organized reflection in 2 or more paragraphs: What character stands out the most in these two scenes for you and why? What important facts or past experiences did you learn about Troy, Rose, and Cory? How do you feel about the family relationship in Scene 3 and 4 (e.g., Rose and Troy, Troy and Cory, etc.)? If you were able to interview Troy, Rose, or Cory for an assignment, who would you choose and why? What are some questions or areas you would like to share? What is one or more line from Scene 3 and Scene 4 that you really liked or were intrigued by? What are your overall impressions about Act One of Fences and how do you think the rest of the play will unfold? Fences by August Wilson Reading Comprehension Questions Please answer in complete sentences and proofread your work before sharing your answers with me. Please also be honest & authentic; and adhere to academic integrity when responding to each question. Act One, Scene One (please share your answers for Assignment #8): Read the Introduction, pp. vi-vii, of Fences. What are some things you learn about Troy Maxson, according to Lloyd Richards, the author of the Introduction to Fences? According to the “Setting,” what does the house look like physically? This will be the actual place where the play mostly takes place. What does the author, August Wilson, introduce as background information in “The Play,” pp. xvi – xvii, just before Act One, Scene One? What year is the play taking place and how old is Troy? What can you infer about Troy’s relationship with his best friend, Bono? How long have they known each other? According to Bono, who is the lady Troy is “eyeing” (3-4)? What does Bono mean by “eyeing” (4)? Who is Rose and what are the things she talks to Troy about in pages 5-9 of Act One, Scene One? What makes Troy end up talking about sports and his baseball career? This relates to question 7. What metaphors does Troy make about death (10-12)? Who is Lyons and why does he visit Troy (page 13 onwards)? How does Troy respond to Lyons? What can you infer about Troy and Lyons’ relationship after reading their dialogue, especially by the time you get to page 18? Act One, Scene Two (please share your answers for Assignment #8): Paraphrase (re-write in your own words what it means) the song that Rose sings in the opening of Scene Two of Act One of Fences? What does Rose and Troy talk about and why do they end up having an argument? Who is Cory and why does Troy look for him?  What does Gabriel, Troy’s brother, come talk to Rose and Troy about? What can you infer about his personality, demeanor, and/or sense of the world? According to Gabriel, what does he have to get ready for (26-7)? What does Troy share about Gabriel’s past with Rose? How does Troy feel about it (28)? What is the last thing Rose asks/says to Troy and where does he leave for? Act One, Scene Three (Optional & will count as extra participation credit if you share in your Google Doc): What can you infer about Rose and Cory’s relationship? What does Cory help Troy out with? And, what does Cory want Troy to buy and why? Cory mentions baseball and Troy has strong feelings about the baseball players Cory likes. What are some feelings about baseball that Troy shares? What news does Cory share with Troy and what is Troy’s reaction? How do you personally feel about what Troy tells Cory (35-6)? When Cory asks Troy, “How come you ain’t never liked me?” (37), why do you think he asks Troy that question? And, what does Troy tell him? Do you agree or disagree? Explain. What can you infer about Troy and Cory’s relationship? Whose side does Rose take, or who does she support? Do you agree or disagree? Explain. Act One, Scene Four (Optional & will count as extra participation credit if you share in your Google Doc): What does Rose and Cory talk about in the opening scene? What does Bono tell Troy and what do you think he is implying by telling Troy (43)? What news does Troy share with Rose (44)? What happens when Lyons stops by and what does he discuss with Troy (45-7)? What does Gabriel call Lyons (47) and what does Rose make him to eat? What story does Troy share about his father on pp. 51 – 4 and what can you infer about his relationship with his father? Why does Troy mention fifteen years and why did he have to serve them (54-5)? Why does Cory arrive home upset and what does he confront Troy about (57-8)? Do you think Cory has every right to be upset at Troy? Explain.

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August wilson fenches book
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