Assignment: Professional Portfolio for Master of Emergency Nursing

Assignment:  Professional Portfolio for Master of Emergency Nursing Portfolios provide a tool for students to help plan their future careers, direct their learning and communicate their competence. The portfolio explores the relationship between the regulatory requirements of self-declaration and ability to achieve and maintain competency standards, while providing an avenue of reflection that is crucial to professional growth. Students will develop a clinical portfolio that will be modeled on an integration of two types of approach; a standards-based approach and a process-orientated approach.  The portfolio should be developed in a coherent and comprehensive manner and should provide evidence of your ability as a specialist Emergency in addition to your ability to critically reflect on your practice and strategically plan your own professional development. You may include supplementary material as evidence to support your portfolio. While you have flexibility in the construction of your portfolio you are required to  include two specific elements in your portfolio. 1. Demonstrate the competencies of a speciality nurse (standards-based approach) 2. Critical reflection of your professional practice over 2020 First, using a standards-based approach, you are required to demonstrate your ability to effectively fulfil your role as a specialist nurse in your subspecialty. To do this you will need to review College of Emergency Nursing Australasia (CENA), Practice Standards for the Emergency Nursing Specialist (2015).  NB. (attached) With reference to each of the standards and criteria set by your professional organisation, you must provide a self-assessment of your practice. This self-assessment should predominantly focus on the work you have undertaken to complete Assessment 2 (Clinical Assessment Tools) but can extend beyond this to other areas of recent learning. This should form the first half of your portfolio. The second half of your portfolio uses a process-oriented approach to portfolio development.  In this section of your portfolio you are required to provide a reflective and critical evaluation of your practice since the beginning of the year. This self-reflection enables you to critique your professional development as a means of understanding and learning from your experiences and will provide direction for future learning and development in your chosen area of practice. (Master of Emergency nursing).  your reflection will cover your most recent period of clinical employment and should consider how your practice will change given your new understandings). This section must also include at least one substantial example of a situation where you were either successful with, or challenged by, your engagement with the patient and their family as partners in critical illness assessment and care, and/or physical and psychological recovery.  There are two ways in which you might reflect on your practice:    RUBRIC. MUST FOLLOW:   Uses a standards-based approach to provide self- assessment of practice against ACCCN or CENA practice standards using strong, related examples of clinical practice. (doesn’t need every standard, but a good range)  (25%)  Demonstrates a process-oriented approach that demonstrates a reflective and critical evaluation of practice since the beginning of the year  (25%)  Includes at least one substantial example of either successful or challenged engagement with a patient and/or family as partners in care & recovery  10% Uses reflection-in-action (during an unfamiliar situation, integrates past experiences /knowledge) & Reflection on-action (retrospectively critiques events to find new understanding about own actions to learn about event) (15%)    Discusses areas and future strategies for further professional growth based on self-identified limitations. (15%)  Scholarly writing, grammar, spelling, presentation and prescribed format (10%)

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Assignment: Professional Portfolio for Master of Emergency Nursing
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