Role Of Religion in 2020 Election

Choose one of the major party candidates for president and examine and explain the role that religion played in your chosen candidate’s overall campaign strategy. Then, use your analysis to determine the importance of religion in shaping electoral campaigns. Your analysis should include a discussion of each of the following factors for one of the major party presidential candidates: The religion of the candidate: What is the religious backgrounds of your chosen candidate? How did he incorporate his religious background into his campaign strategy? Religious campaigning: Did your chosen candidate incorporate religion into their campaign? If so, how? Did religion influence his campaign appearances? His selection of his Vice-Presidential candidate? Did he use religious rhetoric? Attend religious services? Meet with religious leaders? Issues related to religion: What issues were religiously relevant throughout the 2020 campaign cycle? How did your chosen candidate use (or not use) religion in their discussion of these issues? Effectiveness of religion in the 2020 election cycle: Do you think that religion played an important role in the 2020 general election? Do you think that your chosen candidate’s religious strategy was effective? Was it more effective in certain areas or for certain individuals? Were there circumstances where it was less effective? Use your analysis to support your argument Student analysis should be based on material from your chosen candidate’s website, campaign speeches, media accounts of the campaign and election, and other available source material. Responses must include both primary sources (campaign website, speeches, other candidate produced material) and secondary sources (media accounts and analysis of campaign strategies).

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Role Of Religion in 2020 Election
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