Parliamentary Vs presidential systems

Parliamentary Vs presidential systems   Presidential and parliamentary systems are very different in terms of their institutional arrangement and operations. The United States is a perfect example of the presidential system while the British system, the “Westminster” is the “classic” parliamentary system. There is a third system, the “Semi-Presidential” system, we find it in France, Haiti and many other countries.   Conduct a basic online research and answer the following questions in one page.   Compare and contrast presidents and prime ministers. What is the difference between a head of state and a chief of government? How do they get elected/ who vote them into office? Can they be removed from office prior to an election? If so, how, what is the process to remove a prime minister and a president Who serve in cabinet/government in each system? France’s system is “semi-presidential” Discuss the nature of the Semi-presidential system in terms of: The head(s) of the executive branch The process for electing the head of state and the head of the government Forming a government   To receive credit, you must answer to two students and post your one-page reflection. There is no partial credit for incomplete work. 0000

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Parliamentary Vs presidential systems
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