Writing communication skills


Task 1 Read the scenario below. Imagine you are a Manager. Write a persuasive email addressed to Park Play’s Board of Directors your message should be in formal Email format, as per class introduction,   You should apply the direct style of writing You should use positive language and build goodwill   Read the information below and write an appropriate direct claim letter. You work for Johnson Property Management (JPM), in Portland, Oregon. Your employer specializes in commercial real estate. Just yesterday one of your business tenants in the trendy NW 23rd neighbourhood complained about problems with an iron gate you had installed by Chung Iron Works just six months earlier, on 20th May 2020. Apparently, the two doors of the gate have settled and now do not match in height. This results in the gate getting stuck. It is now necessary to push extremely hard to open, close, and lock the gate. The iron gate was painted, and in some spots rust is bleeding onto the previously pristine white paint. The tenant at 921 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, OR 97210 is a petite shop owner, who complained to you about struggling with the gate at least twice a day when opening and closing her store. You realise that you will have to contact the installer, Chung Iron Works, and request that the company inspect the gate and resolve the problem. Only six months have passed, and you recall that the warranty for the gate was for one year. To have a formal record of the claim and because Chung Iron Works does not use e-mail, you decide to write a claim letter. Your Task. Address your letter to Jin Ree at Chung Iron Works, 2255 NW Yeon Avenue in Portland, OR 97210. To help him remember the job, you will enclose a copy of the company’s proposal/invoice. Your business address is 1960 NE Irving Street, Portland, OR 97209, phone (503) 335-5443 and fax (503) 335-5001. Task 2 Write a five-paragraph essay on the following subjects: Ø  How artificial intelligences helps in business development How to Proceed: – Choose your topic – Conduct research in order to understand the topic a bit better and decide upon the approach you want tot take. – Prepare an outline in the conventional or decimal format (below is a cursory example only – refer to webinar/slides for further information): I. Remote work limits company’s’ environmental impact A. Employees drive less B. Employees fly less    1. ……   2. ……     a. …..     b. ….. II. Remote work can raise productivity A. Employees spend less time on commuting and more on work   1 …….   2. ……     a…..     b….. B. Employees work when they are most effective   1. ……    2. ……     a. …..      b. ….. – Write your thesis statement, as per class discussion. Base it on your outline. Remember it should not be too narrow or too broad. – Write your 5-paragraph essay. Include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Make sure each paragraph starts with a statement and you continue to support it with the proper arguments  Your essay must include a clear thesis statement.

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Writing communication skills
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